Why does he get to be happy after making my life a misery?

I can't bear to let another man touch me because he made me out to be some kind of freak, I detest my body and can't even force myself to look in the mirror. He bullied and put me down for months and got off on me crying- no remorse from him off he goes onto the next one, don't know if he has done the same to them. His girlfriend and him had fun making a fool of my body as if I was nothing more than shit on their shoes. No justice or karma for them. They try to bait me into conversations I ignore them.

I hate how they can be happy while kicking me down. i hate them so much for what they've done to me, it's easy to say you'll get over it but will I? When?


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  • Honestly you need to find yourself and get your "shit" together cause your wallowing is only making the two of those idiots feel that much more better about putting you down. I think your ex is just blind and needs an eye doctor cause you sound nice and i'm sure your beautiful. Just get the guts to stand proud and show him up and find a better guy. stay kind, funny and courageous and you are sure to find another.

    The honestly the best song that might help you is Colbie Caliat ~ Try


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  • They sound like complete idiots. Love yourself live your life and leave them in the garbage where they belong. Karma is a cold and ironic so I'm sure they'll get exactly what's coming to them.


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  • who cares just move on remember that everyone has different tastes and personalities which means one can find you attractive and the other will not. forget about them.


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