My ex broke up with me, when I talked about getting back together in the future they said maybe. Does this mean yes, no, or in between?

We had a bad break up but when we did break up they said we can look at each other as future romantic partners after I grew up a little and became a better person. We had a couple more discussions about it afterwards and the maybe kept popping up.


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  • It could mean anything. I wouldn't put any hope in getting back together again, though. If that falls through, you'll be in for another sort of 'heartbreak' so it's generally best to view a break-up as final.

    • What if we had a very special connection? We were ready to get married to each other and I gave her a ring and she said yes. Then suddenly she goes away to another state for college and things started sliding downhill.

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    • umm... I don't know. Hypothetically, sure. Maybe she's being honest. But I just can't imagine feeling like that and going through with actually breaking up with my boyfriend just because he was being 'overbearing' or had changed so drastically seemingly instantly that I had to act so rashly.

      Perhaps the ways in which you both love are too different. She doesn't seem to need much verbal/physical connection, whereas you're the opposite in that you're almost self-sacrificing for her happiness. Which is okay in small amounts but if it gets to the point that you still want to marry here even though she moved away with not much thought of how that'd affect you or your relationship...

    • I've talked to her biological mother about this and she said what you pretty much said. The way she loves isn't the way I was brought up to love someone. Although she used to be just like me when we first started days but the moment she went away for school and was living with her father instead of her mother she changed. Her father doesn't show his love and affection like I was taught to and she started to listen and follow his lead. Her father hasn't been in her life all that much so how can she let him completely change her from what she used to be like just like that? It makes no sense to me whatsoever.

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