Should I delete pictures of my ex on Instagram?

Well we dated for nearly a year. Everything was great, but little by little he started changing. I suspect he probably was texting with this girl behind my back. My guy friend's girl. She a hoe and turns out after break up he starts hanging out with her etc. And I mean he was a good memory but all it took was betrayal to taint his image. This Valentine's day he texted me wishing me a happy one and included cheesy memory and reminder he was 1st valentine. I don't know He still has pictures of me on his instagram, but after seeing his true colors. I don't know anymore. I only have 3. Prom one (which I am keeping) And one with mom and other friend with him at graduation, and lastly a Valentine's day one with him. I am debating on the Valentine's day one...


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  • Do you want to get him back? Or are you completely through with him?

    If you're through and want to never be with him again I'd delete it. I'd block all contact and move on. Delete the picture.

    • I don't think I want him back. He betrayed me in the worst way possible... I deleted all of them, but left my prom picture. I'd block him on instagram but apparently me living well kind of is like a slap in his face. He needs to see me happy etc so he can see i am living happy without him