Do you feel anything if you make a girl cry?

I always wanted to ask guys this , when you make a girl cry, do you feel any guilt? I am strong person so when I cry it's usually cause I've been really hurt. When I make anyone cry , I'm overcome with guilt.

So if you make the girl you love/like cry, what do you do?


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  • I feel arousal. As Deadpool says, you're crying hard, and I am hard because you're crying ;)

    That's sarcasm people, I know more than half of don't get it. I would feel guilt only if it's my fault that you're crying. If not then I would feel compassion just like I feel compassion towards anyone who's crying because obviously something bad has happened to them.


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  • I think most guys do feel guilty if they make a girl cry , because in most cases the hurt they caused the girl isn't usually intentional. A guy would have to be quite callous to not feel anything towards a girl who he made cry.

    I would be overwhelmed with guilt if i knew i made someone cry and i would try their their hurt in someway

    I'm quite a sensitive person and if I've been hurt... i cry. It's a natural response to emotional pain. Tears are like as safety value which releases when too much pressure had been put on the "heart" . Tears are therapeutic in some ways.

    Personally, i believe that we are all responsible for what we say and do to others, but we aren't responsible for how other people respond to what we say or so... they are. So if someone hurts us then it is up to use to deal with that pain.. not the person who caused it.

    "Sorry" and "guilt" from the other person doesn't ease your pain... your way of dealing with the hurt does


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  • wouldn't care... I've been slapping myself into damage control mode every time I get even the slightest itch around my eyes. And when girls cry, I don't know what to make of it. It is unfathomable that an adult would let himself/herself break down and cry. Not all women cry. The ones that do could try keeping their truest sentiments in check.


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  • Why would it matter the sex? I would feel bad if I made anyone cry. It isn't like making a girl cry is any worse than making a guy cry


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