Guys, My ex left me for his cheating ex?

So my ex woke up the second weekend of January and told me he wasn’t sure if I was the “one.” He wanted to be friends and help me move out of our place that we lived in for about 8 months. He stated that we were not compatible, emotional unavailable, we fought all the time etc. I took about two weeks to move myself back into a new place and move on with my life. I was so shocked at how quickly everything ended!

Then 2 weeks later I noticed that he suddenly became friends with his ex on Facebook who previously cheated on him and left him for her current fiance. I then noticed that she was no longer engaged and that her fiancé had no sign of there engagement on FB either. I then proceeded to reach out to her ex fiancé and see if he knew of anything. Her fiance and I talked on the phone for 2 hours. We went through all her phone records because he was paying for it and saw that Baron (my Ex) and tiffany were in communication the entire time from June on and more heavy communication from morning till night after Thanksgiving. Then Ryan and I compared timelines of how they broke it off to Baron and I timeline and basically they both ended it with us so they could be together.

Then last week I rolled up to my old house only to see her stuff there. I moved out 2 weeks ago and he already had a new roommate?

Baron keeps denying it and lying about there communication, saying he never left me for Tiffany etc. He said we broke up because we are not the right fit and it was crazy for me to reach out to ryan because he is a raging alcoholic. How could someone I loved so much and was so loyal to do this to me? I never suspected a thing.
Guys, My ex left me for his cheating ex?
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