What should I do now that a girl in the society I'm in rejected me?

It's awkward because she rejected me, yet I still see her regularly. She said she doesn't want anything more than friendship atm. Every time I see her I get depressed now as we don't talk and it's so awkward and I still like her
  • make small talk with her but nothing more
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  • Get to know her as a friend in the hope that she might one day want more
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  • Leave the society so you don't see her
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  • Ignore her and hope over time you'll get used to it and your feelings for her will wane
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  • So do you want to remain friends with her?

    • Well yes but realistically, that can't be good can it? Because I'm guessing the more I get to know her, the more depressed I'll get

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    • Maybe you read it wrong though and she didn't feel uncomfortable.

    • Thanks for the MHO I hope you managed to decide what do do. Good luck

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  • No this is what you do! Realize that not every girl doesn't owe you anything! And than move on along. Yes it hurt but move it along pal!

    • Yes I already realise that.

    • But my question is how do I move on if I keep seeing her.

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