Anyone ever have to breakup with the perfect one?

My fiancé is kind caring helpful patient funny. He has stuck with me through fighting liver failure, mother dying, getting through university.
He's a great cook & mech and my friends &family love him.

Over 5 years of relationship he has made many mistakes mostly being neglectful/ forgetful.

Disnt change address on license got too many tickets & had license taken didn't know it was taken got my car impounded and almost 3 grand in tickets.
He had his license taken for a year I told him to save up over the year for the 3 grand tickets he didn't... I did...

He's gotten several other tickets over the year then went to school to be a mechanic... Something went wrong with one of the classes so he didn't get his credits released

Last year we moved he tried to get a job as mech in different town they couldn't put him on as a mechanic without his credits. So he works in the lube bay

then i I got sick with my liver in the hospital a few months came back he didn't ever want sex for 9 months... Things got better but still working in the lube bay now I'm healthy been healthy for a while.

he's almost 30 still in the lube bay changing oil and tires
5 months ago he got another
800 in tickets
last week got pulled over he fogot to register my car
... I forgot too cause I never drive it
it got impounded and towed went to register and now 1,100 in tickets.
Im not letting him drive the car now but I shouldn't have to mother him

it's really hard for me to tell how I feel cause I'm so mad about all the fuck ups.


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  • Just have a serious think about whether or not you think he'll change and if it's a healthy relationship to be in.


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