Why hasn't she called me back?

SO I'm a regular at the gym, and I've been seeing this girl checking me out. eventually I ran into her one night and got her number. I waited a few days and called her, and left a message. she hasn't returned my call yet, what gives?


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  • Have patience.

    You waited a few days before you called her. Grant her at least that amount of time. She probably doesn't want to come across as desperate or easy. Give it a bit.

    And remember not to do anything stupid like calling her and leaving a thousand messages every day if she doesn't call you in four or five days.

    Good Luck.


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  • Maybe in your mind you waited the right amount of time. But for me, I hate the "3day rule" If your interested in me, call me! If you have to wait 3, don't bother getting a call in return. I basically see it as that you didn't have a priority to call me, I'm not gonna waste my time calling someone back

  • When did you leave a message? Usually I would wait 1-3 days to return a guys call (you know play hard to get)

    • Say it was on wed and now its sun.. about 4 days ago. its funny too, when I got her number I found out she lived in the same apart complex as me, actually one building down from me, kinda weird.

    • OK. And how long did you wait to to call her?

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