My ex boyfriend wanna stay"friends". he would hangout with random girls just as friend but no sex or kiss with them, only with me. What should I do?

I broke up with my ex and now he doesn't want relationship. Now when we meet we're like couples, sex, kiss and he really takes care of me when I'm sick. He said he didn't wanna upset me if he hangout with random girls. He said he just wanna make contacts , doesn't want a girlfriend. and promised no sex or kiss with them only with me. He Said no one could replace me. I still like him but it's already impossible to get abck together. I think I'll get hurt if he meets a girl and like her, even just friends. So is he playing me? What should I do?


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  • I think you need to be clear that you only want a relationship with him. Do not have sex or kiss him when you're not together, he'll only use you for that. In my opinion it looks like he's wanting to play the field a little, but have you as a backup. Do you want to be his back up? I think it wouldn't hurt to make him a little jealous. If he's hanging out with other girls, then you do the same with other guys.


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