Did I show too much attention to her?

We met on an app. And we started texting all day long since and talking on the phone for hours. We are 3 hrs apart. After a week of talking I drove to her and we met up at a beach bar. Than later went back to her house where we need up hooking up. I stayed the weekend. We continued to talk after that. But following a few days. I would usually be the first one to text her good morning or Hey. She would always return my text but not right away cuz I got up earlier than her. We talked about doing a bunch of stuff together. She is a full time student also. She is always busy with homework. But she stopped answering my calls. I went to see her the following weekend and took her out on a date. But I ended up going home that night cuz she had to study for a test the next day and class earlier that morning. After that her texts came shorts and longer to respond. She told me she though I was crazy to drive all that way to see her when I was with her. Than couple of days later she told me she couldn't do long distance cuz she got burned burned before. I told her i didn't care I would move if I had to and ment it. Than she said her ex came back in the pic but there friend but she doesn't know where it might go and doesn't want a relationship right now. Should I have let her come to me and not made all the moves?


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  • I think she either lost interest, or she isn't over her ex (if he did come back into the picture). Right now the best you can do is let her chase you a little. Keep your distance, but post lots of pictures of you doing new things and being happy. Worst case scenario you've had lots of new experiences and you're happier.
    Give it a week or two with her being able to admire you from a distance, if she hasn't contacted you send her a message with something interesting.

    • She mention him to me but said they were friends so I never really thought any thing of it. I have ex that are friends now. She kept talking about the distance. So I don't know maybe it was just the fact that he was now available again it was convenient and I was just too far I don't know. Yeah my friends keep telling me that she is going to hit me up within a week or so but I don't know

  • How long did you two actually know each other?


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