Divorce and LDR communication issues any advice?

I have been dating my boyfriend for over a year, I was living overseas for a job when i met him and for the first five months I was very happy with him. He made me feel special and we spent a lot of time together pretty much every day off we had we spent together. After about 5 months I found out he is married , but seperated. He didn't tell me his wife called me. His reason was he was afraid if he told me he would lose me.

As I was already in love , I forgave him but was then being haressed by her (wife) family and we started fighting and things changed. So i left the country to go back to my home country for study and career purposes.

Now that I have left we are having a lot of issues with communication in the way that we talk. I feel I can`t ask him things about his life without making him stressed and causing a fight. He will not answer me and I will have to ask again or He will say he will respond to me later and then doesn't. Its even small things like when will you do something you said you would. I especially will annoy him if i bring up the marriage - He is from Egypt and is Christian. He says these divorces are not common and hard to get that as a man. That it is easier for the wife. So up till this point he was trying to get her to do it but she won't as she gets more benefits waiting for three years. If anyone knows anything about how this egyptian christian divorce works and does it really take a long time please tell me.

We came up with ways like emailing insteading of instant messaging but I feel like I `m always pushing him to do things that I feel should be natural in a relationship he doesn't do them naturally. He says I`m stressful and ask to many questions and push him to do things but If I dont nothing happens. What is a normal amount to ask questions to ask?
He says he love me more then anything so why is it hard to reply to me and to communicate now? How can help us to improve the way we act towards each other?


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  • That would be frustrating, I don't know about the Egyptian christian divorce law but I can tell you that true intentions are in the actions, pay attention to how a persons actions match their promises that will tell you what to do... Good luck !

  • Kids, he probably has kids with her... or he doesn't want to move to Egypt, are you willing to move there for him?


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  • Seems you to dump him and start fresh with a guy who is not spoken for and doesn't have a tend act to deceive


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