Is it a good sign that my ex boyfriend wants me back if he agreed to go on a date with me this sunday?

I texted him after no contact and asked him how he is and asked him out on a date. He said he's down and now we're meeting up on Sunday. Is this a good sign that he wants to get back together or no?


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  • Possibly, maybe he just misses hanging around you. Don't come off needy and don't act like you're still in love with him. Play it cool and see what kind of vibes he sends off.

  • Why would you want to go out with him, why did you break up? I think it might be a bad idea... unless you want a booty call.

    • we've dated for five years and broke up for 2 1/2 months. We broke up because I didn't see a future with him but now I regret my decision.

    • So he probably still has feels. And since you said you regret leaving... sure, I think it's good to see if there's something still there.

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