What's the difference between a dude saying "I'm done" and "I think I am done"?

So I am a recovering alcoholic and I relapsed big time. I asked the dude I was dating if he was done. He said: "I am done. I do care about you and want you to get better. We can still talk and stuff." So I asked if he could see a point where he'd be "un-done". He said "idk... I can't handle these blackouts". I asked for clarification on the "idk" and he said "I think I am"(done). When I said "you think, or you are?" He didn't reply. Then he agreed to go on a "casual lunch" and see how things go. Is there any hope in this situation?


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  • They mean the same thing

  • Generally an "I think so" is someone just trying to be nice about the yes or no :-/


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