Wondering if anyone has been in this position before with an ex?

I broke up with my boyfriend of over a year. He had issues concerning drink. I am currently pregnant almost 6 months. He went and got councilling & began to help himself with the issues. Councilling was the last chance with him as we went through constant problems like going out on a fri mightnt see or hear from him until the mon or tues. Got to breaking point where trust was gone excuses didn't matter so he decided he had a problem & went and got Councilling. Unfortunately he hit a wall last weekend and same thing went out on a sat until the mon. So I ended it & said obviously I didn't expect a miracle but I can't live with the stress esp pregnant. He is now moved out since the Weekend & he is saying he is giving the drink up & hopes we could be a family some day when he does prove he can change. I find it so hard to believe he can with past issues & chances. I'm trying so hard to be strong but iv had to take a few days off work spent a lot of time crying & worst of all I'm over thinking the worst like him being with another girl while pregnant & that would devistate me. I feel I have to be out of the picture for him to really get the proper help cause even when I was there for him he still went off & done it anyway. How do I deal with this hurt & try to focus on me & bump instead of worrying about hearing of him being with other girls (not saying he will but it is a worry) I'm being strong & not replying to messages but they have stopped since I ignored them anyway. Feel misrable, made a fool of and feel I'm the only 1 suffering now :-( help x


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  • You did the right thing breaking up. You need to tell him that if he really does want to have any chance of getting back together its dependent on him remaining faithful to you since you are being faithful to him and carrying his baby. If you hear he's been unfaithful you are going to start dating again after the baby's born and look for a sober man to help raise the baby and give you and the baby a better life.

    • Thanks. I feel I did do the right thing because when I wasn't pregnant I didn't have someone else to think about now I do I have a child on the way I can't have my child live that way wit daddy in & out of their life.. hopefully he will become a better person without me & an even better dad.

  • Why are you thinking that he's just automatically out with girls? You're obviously stressed out, but don't think like that. Don't think that I'm giving the guy credit either, he should have already put down the drink and focus on whatever he can do to be prepared to start a family. Whether you two get back together or not, you are going to have to let him back in a little for your child to be.

    • Oh definetly I have made it very clear he is 100% apart of our child's life he can see the child whenever he wants id never ever stop that regardless of where we are good or bad terms. I know exactly I don't want to think like this but I think us girls do unfortunately & maybe because km at a stage of quiet life & consintrating on baby that I worry about when he's out socially he might receive attention. I'm insecure at the moment because it's a horrible situation I'm in :-(

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