Girls, What is my ex girlfriend doing?

Me and my ex are in contact on what's app she just broke up me last week an argument. Couple days later I came to her house with flowers and card, I got rejected twice so now we're in contact I never text her but she will text me random stuff. the other night at 5am in the morning she sent a screen shot of the text of me cussing her of the day of the argument. With a angery approach

saying (" hmmm lets just leave it as that") when she realised I've ignored the text for a couple hours. I then replied with ("what's this about?") she said your just funny that's all I have to say" but I didn't reply after that what is she doing? I'm surprised she didn't cut contact like she's waiting for me to react.

When she text me I reply hours later to make as if I'm busy she will most times check or get desperate for my response.


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What Girls Said 1

  • She wants you to want her back! haha!

    • I wouldn't be with her after that!

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    • She keeps texting me everyday and I'm still avoiding her what does she want now?

    • Just block her on phone and social media!

What Guys Said 1

  • Lucky you... it's much better to be single than with a modern woman

    Women are always playing some SICK mind games... beware

    • She has blocked me on whatsapp but why?

    • Who cares? Just be happy the bitch's out of your life

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