Confused with my ex, need girl advice on how to move forward?

Hi, I wanted to get some girl advice on my situation (guys opinions are also welcome). It is choppy and in chronological order from first to last, it is also concise so I don't waste your time:

my girlfriend broke up with me a week ago saying she had no feelings for me anymore (it was really random and we had a few bumpy patches and took a break a bit earlier in December). Below is a list of events in order from first to last.

1.) In a extracurricular activity together and she smiled and said hi.
2.) On the bus ride home (we live in the same neighborhood and our houses are close) she acted awkward around me (dodged me and wouldn't look at me until she came closer to my seat and I smiled at her and she smiled back). She proceeded to sit somewhere else.
3.) On another bus ride home she stopped and looked at me (asking basically if she could sit with me) and I said you can sit here with a smile and she sat down. She turned her body towards me and I kept catching her looking at me and she would quickly look over at her friends (she darted her eyes away) and continue to talk to her friends who were seated behind me.
4.) I messaged her and she messaged back and we had a small talk conversation (and a joke or two. very light hearted and fun)
5.) At the extracirricular activity yesterday she is acting all nervous/awkward and gives me a frowny like smile (she smiles but I can visibly tell she is upset or hurt or something).
I am so crazy about her, I think she still has feelings for me and is just confused. I don't know if I should just try to walk home with her tomorrow or Friday and talk and try to be friendly, smile at her today at our extracirricular activity (an afterschool club) and she how she responds and then message her how I feel and how I am still so crazy about her (we dated for six months, I really think I love her) after the club. I just am so confused and don't know what to do. We both said we wanted to
Continued: wanted to be friends and she said if after we start hanging out again and she see's what she saw before she'd be ok with us dating again and if her feelings came back she'd want to date me again. I think she is just confused and still likes me based on all the stuff that has happened. She wouldn't be giving this so much effort and attention if it didn't matter to her or she didn't care. Thanks guys again!
Sorry to update: or should I ask if she wants to go on a walk with me? that is how we first came to like each other


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  • Yeah. Go for a walk and talk about things. She might still like you


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  • I don't really see it as so much attention and effort. All that seems like basic things. Just continue to get her back if that is your choice to do. Personally I can care less how confused someone is after they dump me. I'm done with them.


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