He broke up with me due to distance, I feel depressed because we both don't want to break up. What do I do?

My parents don't like us as a couple. They are just strict and don't believe in dating though. They believe in just marry the person but I don't, anyway. He also is just doing this so I can find some one better, but I don't want anyone else. What do I do?

He said its best for the both of us, he said that I should do what's best, this.


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  • You are 14 years old. Focus on being a kid and don't worry about dating for awhile.


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  • Your still very young.

    • So don't feel like this is it you still have a whole life ahead of you. But if you feel like your in love with this guy, tell him that you don't want to be with anyone else and for him to give it a chance. The long distance thing makes things complicated I've been there, but if you both feel the sameway about each other at the end of it it should work out. Ur parents situation, I totally get because my parents said the same thing to me. They are quite spiritual, and believe relationships are to be taken serious and then marriage. So they just don't believe in having a relationship at a young age. When I got older my parents became more accepting.

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