Should I go after him or let him go?

So I was talking to a guy exclusively for 5 months and things in literally a blink of an eye turned bad a couple weeks ago I got upset at something and we had a argument where we almost broke up but we made up I thought after a about a week and we're working to be better. But we were never really the same afterwards. Recently we broke up because all week we've had super intense arguments him telling me that I don't express my emotions and never told him how I feel. Which is true I wa raised in a really non-emotional household so I don't know how to express emotions but when I realized I was about to lose him literally my most intense emotions came out. But by that times the argument had gotten so big that the damage was already done he told me if I had been expressing myself like this during the time were were together this argument would have never happened. Anyways we broke up the about a day ago after a long talk where he told me he wanted to be with me but he didn't know if we would work out and if he can continue not knowing if we could work out in the future. He asked if we could give it a couple of days and saying we would not talk to anyone else. But he said he wants to see if he's making the right decision. He wanted to continue to talk like we used to which I told him no because that's not allowing me to move on he agreed and said he understood. It's literally been the hardest day of my life. Like I didn't realize how seriously I Cared about him until we were done. Should I ask to talk to him and tell him that I'm not giving up on us and think we can make it work and I'm going to put the work in. Or is he done and should I just let it go. He also started "hanging out" with another girl during our fight but he said he told her he couldn't talk to her bc he was dealing with a situation which is true bc the girl even said that but she's the type that has a reputation and doesn't care about if a guy has a girl im hurting SO bad right now should I at least try?
I sent him everything I felt and what I was willing to change and I got shut down. Now I'm left slapped in the face and more bruised then every. I'm young and I know life goes on but this was my first heartbreak so I've never experienced this pain before.


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  • If you are feeling this bad and you genuinely feel you will put the in the work and the effort then I would try to get him back. You have nothing to lose from trying


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  • I think right now you need to give him space. Go into no contact for a full month. Ignore him (unless he says he wants you back etc.), don't contact him at all. Work on being happy, learn something new, take up a new hobby. Keep yourself so distracted you won't have time to think about him. I know how hard it is and how much it hurts x
    When the month is up, send him a message (this has to be the best message you've ever sent. It has to be interesting and funny to him, tell him a story. Don't mention the past at all until you're both talking again and flirting with each other.
    If you want him back you need to be patient, things won't be easy, and by the end of the first month you might find that you don't want him back. Right now don't make any decisions or choices, but focus on yourself.


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