Dumped her for my ex now regret it?

I was with my ex for a long time she was my first proper girlfriend. She cheated on me and then got with the guy they were together for two years. So two years I was left heartbroken dated around but didn't want them.

Then I met this amazing girl who I just clicked with instantly and for the first time my ex was at the back of my mind. All she did was make me laugh and gave me my confidence back. She was so patient with me even tho I kept pushing her away, she told me that she wasn't going anywhere.

Anyway my ex was telling all her friends to keep an eye on me that she didn't want to see me with anyone else. So this had me torn because why would she do that if she didn't love me. She saw me with this new girl and wasn't happy. My ex did come back and I took her back but its not the same and the thing is I realize how much I love the other girl. When I felt worthless she picked up all the pieces and made me better and I didn't appreciate it until now.

I was so obsessed with getting my ex back. I don't know if it was because she cheated and I need to prove something. I've made a life changing mistake.

I want to try everything to get this other girl back but I don't know if she'll forgive or trust me again. I hate myself and I know I'm to blame.

Has anyone ever done this? And what would you do 😢?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Well you've proven that she was only a second option for you, so trusting you knowing you've backstabbed her is completely up to her.

  • I wouldn't take you back

    However, she might, so I hope you've practiced begging


What Girls Said 1

  • You made the mother of all mistakes. I can understand why you thought getting your ex back its like u needed to prove that u were good enough. That she made the mistake and cheated.

    But the fact is the other girl loved everything about you and fixed you. And I'm sure that wasn't easy. All you can do is beg her and prove that she is the one you want.


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