I'm wondering what this guy is thinking & why he's back in my life?

I dated this guy about a year ago for 4 months. He seemed to really like me in the beginning & he has a 4 year old daughter who just adores me & I her. he would never kiss me because he said he didn't think it would stop at the kiss & he wanted to take it slow. He kept saying he didn't want to start something he wasn't sure if he could finish, yet kept me around. After a couple months I confronted him asking what the deal. I asked him do you like me? do you want to continue this with me? I ended up doing this a couple times & He always said yes he liked me and wanted wanted to continue. However he ended up changing on me, becoming distant & then ended up showing up to a friends party I had invited him to with hickies all over his neck from his X... At that point I was p*ssed & hurt., then a week later I Told him to loose my #... Here almost a year later he's come back into my life saying he hopes we can become good friends because friends like me are hard to come buy. He has been texting me every day & even asked me to come hang out with him & his daughter yesterday. I kind of get the impression he wants more than friends but I'm not gonna ask him. Truth is yesterday I realized how much I still like him & his daughter but am confused as to his true intentions. So what do you guys think he is thinking? Help clarify from a mans point of view, please!

Come on guys! Can I get your opinion of what you think his intentions are wanting to be back in my life? Please? Just want to add I'm not angry with him, I actually respect him for not starting something he knew he couldn't finish.
Whats the point of this site if the guys won't comment? Geeze! So much fir getting a mans point of view...


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  • If you like him, be straight with him. Tell him that you don't want to be screwed around, it is or it isn't! Physical and sexual 'togetherness' are very important in a relationship, esp a healthy one and by the sound of the hickies he musn't be uncapable of expressing this.

    • I have no issues being straight with him... just feeling out the sit right now... Just wondering what men here think his intensions are before I assume anything.... So come on guys what do you think??

  • Sounds as though he wasn't completely a single person a year ago...Conflicted feeling about his X and their family...That's understandable and respectable...It's also respectable that he didn't put the moves on you. Seems he may have been trying to protect your emotions, well, at least as much as he could by not getting physical with you...But I do understand your anger...You may feel like there was some "need to know" information that he didn't share with you...? But it is a year later and you are each a year wiser...Your gut will tell you...Just go slow and feel it out...I say this because I had a very similar experience. Best of luck. Cheers!


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