He's meeting someone else but he is still talking about me?

So I was with him for almost a year. My boyfriend took to drugs and he became a completely different person. He dumped me and a few weeks later my phone was hacked and he admitted it was him. When I came to his house he couldn't he keep away from me and showing off in front of me. I was there to visit his mum and sisters. He then messaged me thinking we could be just friends and I asked will we ever get back together he said no so I stopped speaking to him and I want nothing to do with him anymore. A few weeks ago I was told he is seeing someone else but his work mates have been telling me he is always talking shit about me said I was an alcoholic, clingy and apparently wanted too much sex all the time its absolute crap he has told everyone a different reason for ending it with me and really doesn't make sense and he makes silly excuses to talk to me like asking what my statuses are about and Netflix account. He also has told his mate he posted a picture of himself in his dressing gown to piss me off? Yes I know very immature -.- so anyways I am not looking him back but I just want to know what people think is going on in his stupid head?


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What Guys Said 1

  • the drugs plain and simple. as long as he is on them he doesn't care who he runs over or destroys to keep doing what he is doing.

    • Yeah I thought that but he only admits to doing weed and cannibus.. :/

    • i think you are just now seeing his true colors. and now hangs around people who see his behavior as exceptable. i has think he is also going threw a rebellious stage. i would still avoid him because he will only cause you grief and headaches

What Girls Said 1

  • He's pissed. He still cares for you because he's mentioning you so often and doing things to know will piss you off. If he's on drugs there's nothing you can do. He has to choose to change and be the person you first fell in love with. If he continues to act this way then he's got to learn that it won't bring you back.

    • Thanks for your comment much appreciated. I know

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