Did I overreact?

So, my girlfriend & I had been together for seven months. She would do anything for me. Loved me. Treated me & my kid Better than anyone ever had. We were talking about living together soon. I was kind of overwhelmed, but she seemed really happy.

We worked together & my boss told me he had heard way too much about our relationship. Obviously she wasn't professional if people were gossiping. She texted me to ask when I was picking her up for a date, & I told her I wasn't speaking to her until I was ready. She disrespected me. Told her we needed more space & time & when I was ready, we'd talk, provided she didn't overreact. I unfriended her on FB to make sure I didn't have to see her. So, she gave it to me. She even took a position at another location. She apologized twice, but I still wasn't ready to talk to her. In fact, I was even more pissed tgat she kept trying to make me talk. She stopped trying & I think she may have blocked my calls. It's been a month. I've been checking her blog & Twitter daily & she hasn't mentioned it. My roommate caught me creeping her & said if I'm creeping her every day, maybe I should admit that I overreacted and try to work it out. I say it's normal to check on someone. I mean, I told her I'd talk to her when I was ready, because she's a good person & I don't want to lose her. I just needed a break.

Did I overreact? Should I talk to her?


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  • I think you just handled the situation wrong, like if you have to delete her off of Facebook in order to not see her (while wanting space) then just have self control and don't go on Facebook, usually people delete others off of Facebook in hopes of making it a permanent change. You should've just told her what she did wrong, and tell her you needed space (if you wanted to break up should've done so) but not keep her on a line, it's important to communicate, tell her that she shouldn't be blasting your relationship in a professional area.. You need a break so what however you can't expect her to wait around when 'you're' ready, it takes two to make the relationship work. Can't just shut her out and expect her to wait for you with open arms.

  • You overreacted lovely - sorry !


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