How does one stop dwelling about an ex?

I feel like it's my specialty to dwell. I even dumped him (we dated) because first of all he "cheated" without knowing that I knew, I wasn't happy, I think I lost my feelings for him because of this but when I do dump him it turns out he was really in love with me. I can't believe it though. I was happy with my decision but of course missed how things were like from the start.. Which still breaks my heart. But quickly after he got a new girlfriend which has made it more difficult for me to move on. First he rubbed her in my face but has stopped, now I keep seeing them everywhere and yes it's hard for me, why is it hard? I keep dwelling about him and to be honest I am jealous which doesn't make sense because I dumped him. I am happy in general but this dwelling is stopping me from becoming happy and seeing them together as well. Spent so much time on this guy which feels like a waste by now. Any good strategies? Any good advice? I would really appreciate it.


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  • Get a puppy... at least you can rely on their love and they won't break your heart! :)


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  • The man you fell for doesn't exist. There are a lot of people who will put on a fake act when they 1st start to date and eventually their partner sees the real person instead of that sweet charming side. Same thing happened w/my ex, he was too good to be true. When you start to date everyone is on their best behavior, a lot of people don't change, others were fake to begin w/. I can tell you I certainly wouldn't have fallen in love w/my ex if I experienced the real him on the 1st couple of dates.


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