I need my ex boyfriend back, I'm so confused by his actions.

So basically my boyfriend broke up with me the day before our 2 month completely unexpectedly. (about 3 days ago) I know its a short time but I really did love him, and he loved me, he initiated everything first. Well he said that it was because he has a lot of 'sh*t' going on in his life. I know he's been having family issues all his life. He's moving out soon. He's not getting enough hours at work and wants to find another job or two, he's going to be going to school full time soon. He said he just doesn't think he can handle a girlfriend right now. The thing is every one of HIS friends has MY back. They are all telling him he's crazy for letting me go and he needs to get his head out of his ass and realize what he's losing. When he broke up with me he told me he still wanted to be friends. So we all hung out on Friday and Saturday. Friday he was kinda mean, but he was upset with everyone. he wasn't himself. And one of his friends has been talking to him and telling me what's going on. It's basically that he's just really scared he's going to neglect me in this time right now. The friend also told me that he said he still loves me. But anyways on friday he was barely around me. then I left when he was in the other room and without saying goodbye and stuff. 6 minutes after I leave I get a text of him saying "why did you leave I was gonna come and sit by you :(" and we had a convo for over a half hour going back and forth about that. he kept saying he didn't want me to leave and all of this? then on Saturday he texted me first twice just asking what's going on. I replied but kept it short and didn't really get into detail like I usually would. then we hung out Saturday night at another party. first I was ignored but then he started coming around paying attention to me. He was joking around with me and came up behind me and wrapped his arm around my front. He was smiling with me high fiving me. standing REALLY REALLY REALLY close to me. I mean personal bubble much? And he just kept talking to me. He was staying over where the party was and kept asking if my friend and I were going to. and I said no. And then he said oh maybe I'm going to go home then. But he didn't because his friend wouldn't let him. But anyways I was standing there talking and he came up to me saying he was going to go to bed and he gave me a hug. a long hug. and it was weird, I loved it. but I didn't make it seem like it effected me much. I met this girl there who is going through the same thing I am. and she was talking to him and told me he told her about the stress in his life right now, but he plans to build our relationship back up and he honastly plans on getting back together with me. But now the thing is he hasn't tried to contact me since :(. so all day yesterday and so far today I haven't heard anything from him. and its the first we haven't talked in over 3 months. I don't understand! I'm not going to contact him first but now I'm scared to why he's not trying to contact me?


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  • Just because he said he wants to get back together with you in the future doesn't mean he meant the next day, the next week or even the next month. He will initiate that reconciliation when he feels it is the right time (if ever).

    You are only going to drive yourself crazy by sitting around and waiting for him to want things back the way they were. If anything, start moving on. It may just light a fire under his butt to want you back sooner if he sees you getting attention from other guys.


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