Guys, please help me out?

So my ex dumped me a week ago and it hurt me badly. What I dont understand is why three of his friends have talked to me and added me to facebook (friends I've met through him) and even flirted with me and asked me out. Any ideas?


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  • It may hurt right now but time is on your side. Take the time to heal yourself 1st before getting into anything else.

    These guys who have contacted you do obviously have attraction to you. Tread carefully though. They're friends with your ex and it could possibly, maybe, be a test. I'd leave it for a while until you get your head together and you know yourself that you feel up to dating again. Doing anything now with his friends might look like revenge in his eyes. It could also make you feel worse. Leave it a few months for the dust to settle.

    Look after yourself 1st.


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