When a guy gets dumped, how would they react different them girls?

I dumped my boyfriend because I thought I felt that he lost interest in me. However, when I wanted to talk about it with him about the break up, he didn't wanna talk about it basically. He ignored my calls so I texted him to say so. He then basically from that day hates me! He won't talk to me still! I want to be friends with him. We only dated for around a month.

Why is he acting in such a way? Why is he mad?


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  • Perhaps you should have discussed the break-up with him before it happened. I personally find it inconsiderate for a person to leave a relationship without first attempting to discuss the reasons why with the partner being dumped, even if there's no hope of saving the relationship; that way, they know what went wrong, why it went wrong, and how they can keep it from happening in the future (if possible). To deny them that information renders your time together--however long or short--useless and is also a huge blow to their ego.

    It's not unreasonable for him to be distant from you since the break-up. After all, what's there to talk about? You're already gone. He needs time to cope with the loss--even if it wasn't a serious relationship, it's still hard to face rejection of any kind. Still, if you guys only dated for a month or so, I'd say the chances of him eventually coming around and rekindling a friendship are fairly good. Just give him some space; maybe another month or so. Try calling him in a few weeks if he doesn't contact you before then.

    • Hmm Well put. I'm glad this is common sense to someone else as well, especially a woman.

    • I wanted to discuss this with him in PERSON face to face but then he rather going out with his friends. I tried calling him and he ignored me and won't reply my text! I felt like it was really going nowhere and lost... I called him even the next morning..and he ignored it again..and so I felt so uncomfortable that I texted him saying that we need to break up!

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  • You dump him because of what you 'thought you felt' without consulting him about it first. Then you expect him to be all cuddly with you and talk after you dump him, then accuse him of ignoring you when he wants his distance, then wonder why he is angry with you. Most would act in the manner he is at the moment, and rightly so.

    • I did... I told him before hand that I think your not as interested in me anymore. He said "NO" but then his actions show it. The night before we broked up, I was suppose to see him in person and to discuss about it but then he decided to rather going out with his friends. I felt disrespected! The day before we broked up, I called him he won't answer...so later...I decided to texted him saying that. I did not want to end it up like this. I didn't blame him ignoring me...he seriously DID even now

  • you should have tried to talk to him...BEFORE you dumped him,

    how would you feel if no one told you how or why, but just told one day you were dumped?!

    I'd be p*ssed too!


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  • He's mad because his ego is bruised. You rejected him even though you feel he is the one who lost interest. You did what was right for you, but not a surprise that he doesn't want to be friends. It just really isn't realistic to expect friendship with someone you once dated. Maybe one day you will be friendly, but that is not the same as friends. In other words, you won't be hanging out but he won't give you the stink eye when you run into each other.

  • It's the same with me, apart from we had a mutual thing and I was fine with it.

    But he was the dumper and he's acting like that.

    I think it's an ego thing :/.


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