My Ex broke up over text and refuses to return my things. he claims the relationship is 'too hard' because I drive him around all the time etc?

Basically I need help getting my property back and I have texted in a civil manner to get it all back. This morning I paid for sushi for him to eat and drove him to his house so he did not have to walk. I gave him candy and he just broke up with me over text message.
I texted back 3 times that I would like my property back if he'd like to move on. he hasn't texted anything back. I have quite a signigicant amount.
Not only does he refuse to give back my property, he did not talk about things in person. he also said some racist things about him being superior. he said he doesn't want to meet my parents.
today he pushed me roughly off the couch while cuddling. little things that break my heart.
He makes up excuses that he can't text me back because he has no reception.

so instead of just telling me he wanted to break up , in person, he chose to eat something I paid for, get a ride and now refuse to give my items back.

It is very sudden but if anyone has advice on how I can pick up after I've lost my dignity and trust in men, how do you repair yourself and move on from something sad like this? I put my all into this relationship, to have him be disrespectful towards myself.

he works part time, doesn't even have a car and wants to be an 'artist'. I don't ever want to see his face ever again. just want my things back. I don't understand why he bought me a ring either.


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  • Go over to pick up your things. Bring a big male family member or friend along.


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