How do I cope with him cutting me out?

Long story short, I've been with a guy for 3 years, we loved each other, then he broke up with never really giving me a reason just saying that he is a mess and doesn't want a relationship anymore. It was a cold shower, but whatever. He wanted so hard for us to stay friends, he literally called me and texted me every day, we hanged out often. He kept saying that he just needs time to sort his shit out and that maybe we can get back together in the future. Well even though I suffering for the whole year (while we were broken up but still friends) I kind of learned to cope and accept that we are just friends. Until 2 months ago when he totally ghosted out on me. He is not calling anymore, not texting, not interested in hanging out with me or in my life overall. I contacted him a week ago and he seemed so uninterested and cold, gave me some bullshit excuses on why he is not calling. I feel dumped again. I didn't sign for this. It was so hard for me to accept him as a friend, and when I finally did, he just bailed out. I don't even know how to describe how played and used I feel. For the record, he is not dating anyone and he is not busy. Nothing really changed, exept his additude.
Why do they say and act like they wanna stay friends when in fact they don't want to? How dare they stringing someone along for as far as it's convenient for them, and then just disappear when they're done?


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  • Yeah the whole friends after a long relationship thing hardly ever works. In your case it seems you still have deep feelings for him and now that he bailed, well this is a good time to get over him and begin the process of moving on.


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  • So sorry to hear this and this is why I'm only aiming for marriage coz then a guy can't pull back so easy just coz he feels bored or whatever.
    it's very hard because you still have feelings for him but try to forget him and move on ! Learn from your mistakes... with time you will heal :)


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