If you love something, let it go and if it comes back, it's meant to be?

Last year I got out of a very long LTR 14yrs actually. It was my call and I'm glad I did it. I had a drug (pot)and alcohol problem because I was unhappy in life because of who I was with. I was 22 when I meet her and she was 10 years my senior 32 we both were using each other for all the wrong reasons and I wasted some of my best years away. The breaking point was when @ 35 I became a grandpa and realized (actually I always knew and so did she) I wanted a family of my own which she couldn't provide me. I raised her 3 kids as my own, but watching the grand baby grow everyday and after six months I couldn't take it anymore. It was killing me. I finally grew some balls and left. Called it for what it was and never looked back. If this makes me a d*** then so be it. I'm 36 now and I still have time to enjoy what's left of my life and start a family of my own. Anyways I get set up on a blind date only 2 months after my breakup and I still have these problems. I knew I had no business setting myself up like this ,but she brought out a side in me I haven't seen in decades. She was in the middle of a divorce herself due to him being a total drunk. I'm honest with her about the pot she really never approved but I hide my drinking from her.I'm sure she knew because I was usually blasted talking to her on the phone. The sex was great we were @ it every night all night probably too much. Then she starts to be distant says she feels she should give her marriage a try. So I leave her and it hurt like hell. Well a week later she comes back will doing anything to be back together. I ask what changed and she tells me he is with another women. I started to pull back to tell her to get out but she had this look in her eyes of please don't do this. And I let her back in my life. After a month she tells me she is on the pill cause condoms keep breaking and she doesn't want to use them. Her Boyfriend tells me she loves me ,and she told me once herself. Her Boyfriend also tells me she is not on the pill I ask her about this and she says she is. Immediately after that she starts to distance herself again. After 3 days of this distance I apologize for doubting her. And says we need to take sometime apart. It hurt like hell but I agreed cause I wanted to get my issues under control. That was in November. She started to see a guy 2 weeks after this and now they are split. I have been clean 100% since December not for her but for myself, but I can't get over her. She said to me If you love something let it go and if it comes back it was meant to be. What does that mean? I let her go and she came back. Now she let me go am I supposed to come back? Should I give her more time? Its been 5 months and still hurts. I have so much to offer her now. Ever thing in my life has turned around for the good. I just never got the chance to give her who I really am. It was just bad timing or was it not meant 2 be? Being friends with her on FB is killing me I get so jealous this isn't healthy for me.

edit where it says boy friend it should be best friend.


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  • damn what a situation. Well I think she is waiting for you to come back around. I mean she came back around for, why then shouldnt you dpo the same for her. Show her that you care for her as much as she does for you. To be honest with you though I think uve waited too long. It still wouldn't hurt though to call her/txt her or at least e-mail her. from there you can start to rekindle the relationship again cause that's what you want right? It does sound like there may be some trust issues that you 2 would have to work on though. But I guess just worry about getting her back for now.

    Good luck.

    • Brettb, It turns out you are right! I actually have txt her just to say Hi one day and ask to meet up for lunch the next. She wants to go out this Sunday and sounds really excited about it. She is such a find and I can't wait for her to see the real me. Your right on the trust issues. But that will come with time. But I'll tell you all I want is for her to be happy if its with someone else so b it. But I'm glad I swallowed my pride and made this step. There is a lot more to this story. Thanks!

    • Lol well that's good. I guess you were the one that wrote on my wall then huh? I looked at that 1st before I looked at this. Just take it slow and easy and from the sounds of it, everything will work out into ur favor.

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