How can I show a guy that I like him?

If I smile will that let him know that I like him?


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  • haha. you shouldn't be frowning at it. but guys to not get little hints like that. you need to be a lot bolder and step up the flirting. invite him to do stuff in a group setting at first. if after awhile you get the vibe that maybe he likes you too, you have to have ALOT of courage and just say you like him if he hasn't responded to your flirting. most of the time guys like when you step up boldly like that. but DO NOT ask him on a date, that's the guys job.

  • It'll definitely make you seem friendly!

    The best way to let someone know you like them (without saying it directly) is to spend more time with them. Smiling is wonderful, but it can also be kind of ambiguous. After all, a single person can smile at a lot of people throughout the day. But if you, say, invite your person-of-interest over to see a movie, you've let that person know that you're interested in spending more time with them specifically--which is basically a big neon sign that says, "Hey, I like you!"


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