What do you think my ex's reaction would be after she sees I deleted her from social media? and should I tell her friend off?

my ex broke things up with me 5 months ago (kind of), a month ago she was acting as if she wanted to start things again with me. A couple of weeks later she seemed as if she changed her mind, we had a little argument and she started calling me hypocrite and a bunch of stuff, and started pointing out my flaws and just diminishing my role as her boyfriend, making it look as if I wasn't good enough or man enough (she said to me I was the same thing she left, and that she doesn't want to be the man in the relationship), saying i didn't giver her good moments and my gifts were meaningless.

She kind of sounded as if she was trying to convince herself that she did good in breaking up with me, i dont know. she said to me that she doesn't want us to be back together, that it won't happen, that i should look for another girlfriend, that she wishes me well and she could care less about me.

I think her friend who happens to be my friend too told her things and she thinks im talking smack behind her back, which i was doing, but just telling that friend how bad she made me feel, and how mean she was to me before and after the breakup, NOT saying things like she's a whore, she does this, her feet are smelly, you know the deal.

Anyways, I felt like a loser after the told me how she sees me and disrespected me so much, I told myself i wanted to try to win her back and show her how cool i am, but then i changed my mind and said its not worth it and deleted her, I'm omw to tell her friend off too, they have been gossiping enough about it making me look as an idiot, and both of their arguments sound alike, which means they were plotting something.

I want to tell her friend off just to let her know im not that stupid and i know she backstabbed me.
I would like a piece of advice from you guys, thanks.


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  • She's your ex, why do you care?


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  • Why would you want someone like that? I wouldn't bother about anything that she says, does, anything to do with her really.

    She has to put you down to make her feel better. You on the other hand made the mistake of talking to a mutual friend and unloaded your dirty washing. Learn from it and don't confide with any mutual friends. Only thing you should tell them is what happening in your life. That things are great etc.

    I would let it all lie where it is and just walk away. Don't contact, reply to messages or let her get to you in any way in future.

    There are plenty of other women out there who'd view you as a catch. But don't throw yourself into any relationships so quickly. They're on probation as well.

    • Its because of this mutual friend that my ex thinks im bad mouthing about her to everybody when thats not whats happening, her friend is a weirdo and looks like she get happy when we fight.
      Thats why i wantnto tell her off and delete her too because both have been talking trash about me, calling me stupid or crazy, even told me i should go to andoctor before getting into another relationship due to my attitude and a whole bunch of things.

    • What good will it do. This 'mutual' friend didn't turn out to be 'mutual' after all. They'll continually bad mouth you and probably you telling her off will get back to your ex. You'll just be adding more fuel to the fire. Leave them to it I say.

      Delete this 'mutual' friend if you want to. I would cut her out my life as well. Don't say anything to them both. Your life, your choice. Don't care what they think.

      After a while it'll become boring between them as they'll have nothing to talk about.

    • True, i won't say anything.. I will just leave the friend there in case she is useful one day.

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  • I would just delete her and not say anything.. shows her that you moved on.

  • Sounds like a bunch of 5 year olds squabbling over whose dad is bigger get a life and get a grip and just move on. find someone else...


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