Break up with kids?

I was wondering if any of you had broken up with your boyfriend or girlfriend and you had kids together.Id like to know how it went for you and the kids

Thank you


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  • umm ok.. so you guys aren't married.. but you had kids.. so you guys still need to stay close.. I mean I know that hings won't be the same.. but you still need each other for the kids sake.. you don't want things to be bad. and you don't want to have to make ur kids choose who they want to be wit.. so you two as parent juss need to work things out.. as adults.. and stay close friends.. and juss remeber that things happened.. they all happened for a reason.. but now you have futures to look forward to.. and not juss ur own..

    • Nothing is done yet I'm just afraid of how he`ll react our kids are 2 and 3 years old I don`t know how to do all of this

    • O gee.. ok well you need to get things worked out then.. things always get messed up witt the kids beacuse the parents can't get along.. and its not beacyse they cant.. its beacsue one of them doesn't want to.. so what ever happens.. you need to make sure that you guys are both on ok agreements.. otherwise things could end up really terrible

  • Totally dependent on the maturity of both parents. It can go very badly with bickering over child support and custody arrangements. It can also go real well if both people want the best for their children and can agree on what that looks like. The court system will get involved when it comes to the care of the children and they will enforce child support if your children's father becomes uninterested in supporting his children, assuming he makes more than you.


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