What's going on with him and how do I get him back?

I guess I'll start at the beginning. My boyfriend is a sophomore in hs and I'm a junior. We knew each other through elementary and middle school and I always thought he was cute but never wanted to dare him. Come this year a mutual friend decides to play matchmaker and set us up as homecoming dates. We clicked almost instantly. We texted constantly, and he began to come to events that I was a part of, etc. he liked someone else as well, so he claimed he only liked me as a friend. People always told me if we got together he'd dump me, so I've always been insecure Then we kissed a few weeks later. We started dating obviously. Then, I found out from someone that he had been flirting with another girl the day before he kissed me and I was crushed. He told me he was in love with me, and for about a month, it truly felt that way. But I never really expected it, as we hadn't been together that long. There was a point where he thought he didn't have feelings for me, but came crawling back two days later. Since then, things had been up and down but he got increasingly loving towards me. The week before our breakup he went on a trip with our school glee club and we didn't speak for 4 days. I was upset suffice to say. He came back that week more loving than ever. That Friday he was telling me I was beautiful and that we needed some time together as we hadn't had any lately. That Monday, someone made a harsh comment to me and he told me he was never leaving. Next day, he says he doesn't want a relationship anymore. Since, he's gone from saying we should try again to wanting to be friends, to staring at me, to ignoring me, trying to talk to me. On my birthday, he kept staring at me but said not one word, and then texted me the next day and went back to ignoring me. Last week, he looked at me like a kicked puppy and now I'm being ignored again. How can I get him back if it's even possible? I have a gut feeling this isn't over, not yet. It's been a month
What's going on with him and how do I get him back?
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