Is a mole on my left cheek ugly?

I have a mole on my left cheek...Is it ugly to have is in unattractive? Its not huge but not tiny either..would you date me if I have it?


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  • Hahaha, girl you need to see some pictures of me, two moles on my face and one on my neck, and I LOVE them(:

    In fact...


    Old picture, but best I got on short notice(:


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  • nope. The mole looks great, but the rest of your face... YUCK!


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  • Two words: Marilyn Monroe.

  • Moles aren't that ugly, it depends on the size and if it's flat or raised. I have a small flat mole on my right cheek and my boyfriend loves it. If the guy really likes you, he'll date you with a mole or not. Most of the time guys don't even notice stuff like that, or if they do it's not a big deal unless it's HUGE or unless your drawing tons of attention to it negatively. Also many celebs have moles, so don't worry about it :) Be proud of your mole!

    • I have a boyfreind we have been datin for 1 year and 3 months.

    • Awwe sweet! :) moles aren't ugly but my advice is If you don't want people to notice your mole don't talk about it lol that's what I do for the most part

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