Why ignore me instead of be real?

Why is my boyfriend ignoring me. Je said he was having mixed feelings but was willing to work things out. We had sex and i payed his bill we were still cool but after a few days he begin to slowly ignore me. Why isn't he telling me anything


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  • Every guy is different, but he might be working out his feelings, or he might be running away from you. If it is the former, let him know you still like him and are ready to talk any time he is. Remind him of this once a week until you have moved on or he is ready to talk.

    • He knows how I feel already. We have many disagreements but this is the first he decided to ignore me and didn't involve in argument. He knows i hate it but he hates me calling or texting uncontrollably. I even Suggested he spend one min blocking me to save us both trouble he won't. Instead just keep ignoring me until he finally decide to answer

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    • Well yeah he is focused but we've been together two years. If he needs space tell me rather then having my text and worry

    • It makes me totally want to do everything to piss him off since he doesn't care about what I'm feeling

  • You should never pay his bills. Sounds like he used you for the bills and sex. If I'm right, I'm sorry that happened to you.

    • Thanks he's being an idiot. He knows i did it under the exception we be together. First time he ever made me feel used

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