What to do after you break up with your soulmate?

I found my dream girl, we bumped into each other... We laughed, Talked all the time, The first time in my life where I was not even thinking about dating, we both got really close...

I don't know what happened, I was stressed out about work, she was busy with her work and school... And everything fell apart...

We broke up :(

And to this day, I can't find another girl like her... I hate this traditional dating stuff, but Its the only way that I can try to meet other girls...

Will I find another girl like her? or Is it just a one time thing?


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  • :-( Sorry to hear that, I'm kind of in the same situation.

    I think the main thing to try and do is not compare people you meet to her, as they say, comparison is the theif of all joy. You will meet other great girls, and eventually the hurt will fade.. But of course, no one will ever be her.

    But hey.. You got your fairytale for a little while, some people never experience that and you can look back fondly on your time together.

    You'll be okay lovely, just in a lot of time. :) xx


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  • It's impossibablt to love someone else when your heart still belongs to the one person who broke it. You are obviously still in love with her. So personally, I would forget about

    • Sorry I submitted in error before I'd finished

      ... forget about pursuing other girls just now and try to get used to the idea of not having your soulmate in your life. Hearts do mend and they do love again but you have to be patient with yourself, a broken heart needs time to repair itself.

  • Sure you may find someone with some similarities. But if you're looking for a replacement that's not gonna happen. Especailly if she is your soulmate. That's deeper than a regular relo.


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  • Your view about perfect girl is limited to concrete character, appereance and maybe way of threatening. I'd say try to open your soul, your own personality, try to change yourself in someway, practice some sport, take a walk outside, and do not focus only into that girl, because is there many of them outside, you just didn't find the correct one. Since you think the girl you break up with is the best one, you can't help yourself found another better one.
    Good luck!

  • Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Good news, if you guys broke up, she probably wasn't your soul mate. Bad news. Soul mates don't exist.

    Stop crying and stop putting the pussy on a pedestal ffs.

    • I am not, I can meet other girls... Maybe you have not met someone like that?

      A girl who just understands you, is above playing games, is there for you, and likewise you are there for her...

    • "and you are there for her" She didn't see you as her soul mate. Sorry to break it to you.

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