Should I cut my EX off completely?

During our relationship, I found out my ex was still married with a child. He claims that he is not in love with her and the child isn't his. Regardless, he did not tell me any of this when we got together. Ultimately, I ended our relationship because I was miserable with him, especially financially. There was no progress, and I no longer trusted him because he lied about several other things. Ever since the break up, he texts me often saying how sorry he is and that he still loves me and wants to remain in my life. I told him that I could never be with him again and that we could only be cordial. He understands this, but insists on being my friend at least and gain my trust and love back. I honestly don't want anything to do with him. I told him to move on because I am moving on but he keeps on insisting. Should I keep him as a friend like he wants, or cut him completely off, which may be harsh.


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  • If he's your ex... and should stay that way. If your even considering going back with that loser I think you need help.

    He was married still, says the kid isn't his but did he have a test done.. does he have child support payments? He probably never had the test and does have payments due.. so that makes him the lowest of the low and a dead beat dad... so why would you want an irresponsible spineless "BOY" like that? I would stay away and tell him to get his shit together as he is pathetic.

    • He is extremely irresponsible. No test done, he has child support payments. I wasn't considering ever going back to him, but thought we could remain friends. But I don't even want to be his friend. I want nothing to do with him, but I hated to be so mean. I am going to text him now and tell him to get lost in the nicest way possible. Thanks for your help. xoxoxoxo

    • Yeah, I'm thinking you've made the right choice. I don't think you could get anything "positive" out of being friends with him. Considering that he's lied so much already, why would you want to keep him around. It's better to be surrounded by people that truly care and have your beast interests at heart.

  • He's your EX.. past history... move on with your life.


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