Ex won't take hint not interested in him?

He's been with his girlfriend for few years now but contacts me occasionally, I told him politely to make it work with his girlfriend as she just had his baby, I'm not the kind to shut people out my life I'm a nice person but my patience is wearing thin with this man. He says he loves his girlfriend and I told him make it work and stop cheating on her with other women and to stop contacting me as well.
I've never dated anyone since him but if that's what love is I'm glad I'm single. He doesn't want me back he just wants the sex side of thing- my reply was unrepeatable and not spoken to him since but his attempts to keep tabs on my life is downright crazy.

He was the first man I loved and I still care very much even though he doesn't for me, even I can see the car crash his life is about to become he keeps messing people about, I just wish he wouldn't involve me in it..

I know I shouldn't care but I care for everyone including idiot exes.
Do i deserve the drama he's trying to involve me in?


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  • It's good that you care but you're giving it to the wrong person. You're kind of enabling this behaviour simply replying to his messages. If you're really not interested and don't want to be involve, you have to remove yourself from the equation i. e. No longer replying to his messages. Completely cut yourself off from him. Harsh as it may sound, it really is the only way.

  • Just tell him to get serrious with the current relationship or you tell his current girlfriend that he's deviating. When he gets mad then tell him man up and yell at him and tell him that this is part of the reason I'm guessing you two broke up and that rather than EFFING it up again he should finally make amends and be the guy he keeps saying he will be for once.


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