Move on? or keep trying?

me and this guy were on the verge of dating or something like that. never quite knew what we were. we always had communication problems I was always too shy. OK so basically I played games not good at all...that went on for like 5 months..he was real patient ...i took advantage of that. I regret not telling him how much I cared for him and well he said it was best we were just friends. didn't talk to me for like 2 months. I tried texting him and he would be short and indifferent. I stopped then after a while he hit me up wanting to hang out. we never talked about what happened so I figured next time we hung out we would. basically we hang out after 4 months of not seeing each other. I waited so long for that day and it was good. we didn't talk or anything after that he would text me everyday...ask me if I still had feelings but we never actually talked about it. after 2 weeks we hung out with his friends and it was awkward I wanted to fix things and we had no time alone. I didn't even really speak to him. it was all bad. he didn't talk much after that. I tried asking him to hang out he said he was busy. he hits me up on v day saying happy v day and saying how drunk he got that night it was 3 am in the morning I guess he thought of me when he was drunk . basically we haven't talked since. I feel like he might be trying to talk to another girl or so it seems...from his MySpace status..i don't know if I should try to talk to him knowing he might of just forgotten about me or just wait and see if things get fixed by themselves...i mean he didn't talk to me for 2 months...he might do it again and talk to me again right? what do you guys think?


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  • had the same problem with my last bf, was too shy to express my feelings until he cheated me. now I am happy I didn't tell him how I really felt about him since he will show only sympathy. and the guy your seeing he just seem to call you when he needs you and doesn't keep in touch until then. if he really wants to be friends he will keep in touch now and then should move on and meet other people since his decisions are not fixed and maybe he is keeping his options open. just be friends and get to know him that way...if the subject comes then maybe you could talk about it...


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