How can I get my ex back after she says she wants to be just friends?(Story included)?

So I've had an on and off relationship with my girlfriend now ex and we got together again after a few months apart. But we decided to stay secretive for a while because we didn't want our friends judging us for being together again. I know stupid. Well I kept my distance at school and she believed I lost feelings

I was paranoid is lose her again and I wanted to let her know I still liked her. But she was ignoring me and I found myself spamming her with texts (I never do that) and I blamed her for givin up on us again. But she hadn't. And we got into an argument and she called it off.

Then she called and flirted with me three days later, I asked to talk but she says she just wants to be friends, and I need to get out of the friend zone. Please help, thanks!


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  • You can't. She's already told you she just wants to be friends and nothing more.

  • From my experience, when I've put a guy in the firend zone, he never came out of it. As a girl, I put guys in the friend zone whom I don't want to have a romantic relationship with. The bottom line is - it is too damn hard to get out of the friend zone.

    However, there is little hope... Simply be her friend. In your case, you have already been on and off, so that means she definitely has a romantic/physical attraction for you. YAY! So, BE HER FRIEND. Don't react to her flirting, dont do EVERYTHING for her. Just be her friend. Why? Because if she likes you more than a friend, this friend zone will drive her nuts and next time she won;t be putting you there. Just be a FRIEND for some time. See what happens.

    If nothing happens, then sorry, you are stuck in the zone... But there are so many wonderful girls out there who will treat you right :)

    • Thanks a lot! She's put me in the friend zone a while ago for like 2 months and she started to call me everyday and even said she missed me eventually. I've been so caught up in all this I forgot about that. Thank you!

    • Hope it works out :)

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