What does she mean?

Ok. My ex and I have been separated for over a year now. We have 2 children. I spoke to her the other day about trying to work things out and she responded that she was still upset at me and that I'm looking for reassurance. What can she mean when she says I'm looking for reassurance?


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  • Depends on what you did

    • I cheated on her. And she left. But since we spend a lot of time together. We speak everyday. I have been to counseling to deal with my issues. And all my free time I spend it with her and the kids. We have even done vacations. Communication is good. Not arguments since the break. But when I bring up reconciliation she's says she's still angry and that I'm looking for reassurance. Don't get that part.

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    • No. She has said it a couple of times. That I want reassurance. Don't get it. But she still stays in contact with me.

    • You have kids together she has too. Maybing your looking for reassurance that she forgave you

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  • Means she wants to know that if she got back with you things will be better than before.

    • But she says that it is me looking for reassurance. What does that mean?

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