The day of the break up, he seemed to not care or act like we were still together. why?

I am left without an explanation as to why my ex broke up with me. I am left very hurt and devastated. He broke it off by text and I'm trying to sleep and eat properly the last few days have been hard. do you think guys feel shame in texting a breaking up after they sleep with you?


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  • In ANY relationship (including friendship all the way to marriage), the person with the least emotional ties to the relationship has the easiest time leaving. Typically that means guys. Not always, but in many situations that's how it works. Does he feel shame in what he did? In all honestly, probably not. For whatever reason, he chose a hateful way to break up.

    You may never find out WHY he broke up with you. There are still questions I have as to why my ex divorced me, and that was 22+ years ago. I've since remarried and am very happy in my current marriage. But those Q's remain. After all those years I rarely think about them, but they're still there.

    Best thing is to try to go back to a routine for yourself. Do things that you enjoy doing, and try to look at the little things (for now anyway), that bring a smile to your face. You'll feel better in time.

    • Thanks. your answer was really helpful. I'm glad he broke up with me, my boyfriend is way better. Not just saying that, I look back and say to myself what the f was I thinking in terms of that? It's crazy how you think they're your everything and then someone else treats you way way way better. It is shocking.

    • I agree. When my ex left me, it felt literally like my world collapsed. Today, I'm married to someone else for longer than wife 1.0 and I were. On top of that, I'm a lot happier with wife 2.0 too!

      P. S. My wife has husband 2.0 also (me), and she, says she made a much wiser and better choice this time!

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  • It's hard to say without anymore info about your relationship with him , but sometimes you learn more about a persons character at the end of a relationship than you do during the entire time you were with them


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  • what's happened?
    whats makes him do such thing like that?

  • Not if my S/O isn't meeting me half way.


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