Why do we love someone who hurts us?

I loved my ex and he cheated on me...we broke off, its been 3 years now, but it still hurts to see him with someone else and I show that I don't care for him anymore, but deeply I still care for him...do you think I am stupid? I have tried to move on and met other good people, but he never seems to be forgotten...


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  • youre heart cannot control who it loves, unfortunately...if he cannot see what a great person you are then you have to kind of force yourself to move on, you will find someone who makes you happy and they will take him off your mind, try giving someone a chance, you never know how well they will treat you...i know its tough, I feel your pain, in the end you cannot control who your heart feels for..its a sad part of life if the other person doesn't feel the same, but its how it goes - keep ur head up you will find another!

    • Thank you, one thing I have decided is for sure...I don't want him back and for me to do that do I need to forgive him first? I really cannot forgive him...but I never want him back.

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  • And he never will. When you love someone so strong those feelings never go away no matter how much you try. If he cheated on you then he chose his own destiny. Let him be because if you return to him, guess what, it will happen again. Later as life goes on I am sure you will meet someone who wins your love over him. Then you will not forget him but be over him. Only time can heel. There is a saying " If you live in the past, you die a little every day." Stop thinking of what could of been or what if and move on knowing it was not your fault.

    • Thank you...i have stopped thinking of him in the future..and moving along..but he still seems to be in the corner of my heart..but I do look forward to meet someone who returns the same love back

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    • You wil meet someone who will sweep you off your feet, I am sure of that. And that little corner of your heart that you have him in, he will always be there, don't try to cut that corner out because it is part of you and your heart, its a memory and will last forever.

    • You are right and thank you...

  • Girls tend not to forget about the guys that causes the most pain in their lives, the guys that can raise them up and break them down. Don't worry your not stupid you will move on eventually but don't try to get rid of your scars cause it won't go away.

    • Its not the same with guys?

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    • I wish I could but I can't but I am sorry for your 3 year breakup

    • Why not?

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  • I have this feeling to with my ex. It's very normal because woman just like bad boys (yes, it is proved :)

    • True..till we meet the good guys and learn our lessons. I really hope I meet someone who can love me the same way...and I hope the same for you too...

    • You will :)

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