Girls, Will my ex girlfriend want me back?

Ex girlfriend of 4 years lived toegether she spent most of her in heritance money. Git my name tattood on her back. Left due to grass is greener as I was her first proper boyfriend. If I contact her she still talks but acts stubborn and immature. So stopped contact seeing if she comes around. Relationship was good but didn't really have social status. She never seen her old friends which she is now doing. But treating me like crap. She was very attention seeking , stubborn and immature at times and she's doing that now. I was quite distant but was trying to build our money up. Family both got on but it seems like she's revisiting her old friends and obv talking to other lads but throwing me in the gutter like I prevented her doing so. She kept saying things like how do you expect to sort us out when your family is saying snarky comments but she basicly done what she done to me to them aswell and there upset. I told her what I done wrong n that I changed but she continues to be stubborn and immature so like I say I've now stopped all contact and wondering will she try and work us out. I'm 21 she's 19 been toegether 4 years been through a lot toegether.


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  • Mayybeee... Do you want immature, stubborn and attention seeking girl back tho?


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