Was my ex trying to make some sort of statement to me? Or what was the point of this?

He broke up w. me and moved out. After a while I finally sent him all of his stuff.Including all romantic gifts, notes letters. I figured he could throw em away or not, but I wasn't gonna make that choice.

So he sends me a box and says its for me. I expected to see my things that he had kept. they were HIS things, his hair trimmer, cds,games, cologne(that I bought him) and other random things that had nothing to do w. me. Why the heck would he send me his things?


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What Guys Said 1

  • It is quite possible that you got him those things so he is returning them to you.

    • The only thing I got him was the cologne. everything else he bought on his own or were gifts from his family.

    • I have no idea then. :( Maybe he lost his marbles over the breakup.

What Girls Said 1

  • This is a classic "game" that men play with women in order to "keep the door open" and keep themselves on your mind. He knows doggone well that he shouldn't be sending that stuff back to you. That's his way of leaving a piece of himself there at your place, so you can see his stuff and think about him. Also, it's his way of letting you know that things aren't quite over yet. It's a way of keeping the door partially open. Send him his stuff back...again...and tell him that there's no need for you to have them; wish him the best of luck, and move on. That will drive him crazy because people want what they can't have, and as long as he feels the door is still open to you, he won't be in any rush to mend things with you. When he sees you've moved on, you'll be surprised at how quick he wants to patch things up. This is a typical game that people play to keep you from getting over them. Send that crap back! Keep us posted on what happens next lol!


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