Girls, Ex girlfriend of 4 years split up with me will she want me back and will no contact work?

Ok so me and my ex girlfriend met she got my name tattood on her back she moved in with me and my family and relied on my family her dad passed away she got left £70,000 we had to move and spent around £50,000 on us and the house. We had holidays and stuff then I lost my job relied on her a little she went self employed and relied on lifts from my family to help her she got an apprenticeship and has now moved back to her mums left me and seeing all her old friends. She says she don't love me but whenever we have had these things go off we always sorted it 2 hours later were fine. But now she won't take me back and is being selfish and treating me like dirt when her dad died I was the one there for her not her friends. I was also the one to work very hard to help stop spending her money and I never cheated neither did she. Now she's messaging dudes over Facebook and spending time with her chav friends. When she came to get her stuff I helped her n I tried to bring back the love I said give me a final hug n I said thank you for all that she's done for me she never hugged me back or said anything. I begged over texts she just said I don't love you let me get on with me life but then I said well we always sorted us out she just put k. Then I rang her a day later she started being cocky and said why you keep belling me up I don't give a shit and hung up. So now she's acting like a chav. She won't say final good bye and I've not contacted her for 3 days will she miss me and try to get me back?


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  • it seems like she may have lost feelings and is now irritated and not ready to deal with the drama of the break up id leave her alone

    • Thank you that's what I'm doing but we did have our ups n downs I don't want her to find someone else and confirm that we was indeed not ment to be as the spark can be reunited. So I'm doing no contact when she came for the rest of her stuff I hugged her n kissed her on the cheek and said thank you for all that you done and good luck she just didn't hug me or say anything back. i made her a DVD video as ino she's memorable with all our good memories on it. I may send her flowers but keep to no contact also. I told her that everyone loves her here n not to feel guilty and that everyone would love to see her again n that I admit my faults m would like another go at things. That's when I rang her n she said why you belling me up I don't give a shit. So being so in considerate. I confronted her about this manager guy at her new work place who she likes obv cz she's pursuing him and she likes his picture a soon as she added him it took her 5 minutes to respond and she said he Lks funy

    • And when she responded she kept writing and deleting over and over again to finally say he looks funny. It's almost asif I'm right she's trying to hide it In case she does want to sort us out as it can be very damaging.

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  • Keep in no contact for a month. She might have been put off by the begging to get her back. Work on making yourself happy and do the things you want to. Maybe after a month of not having you around she'll realise what she had with you. We can't miss a person until they're no longer there for us.

    • Oh and don't reply to any of her messages she might send, unless she says sorry and she wants you back. Do not contact her no matter what until that month is over.

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    • Ino I just don't want her to rate our relationship as not as good as what she has maybe in the future which will prevent her coming back. I do thank her as she has done a lot but I am really disappointed. I'm only 21 if you find your perfect career at under 21 you deserve a medal. But our future was in my best interest so I didn't want to have to spend 18 hours a day trying to make money In-between work and have her moaning because I didn't hug her or make plans to do things

    • It's really hard going through a break up when you never wanted to lose that person, but it makes it harder still when they're talking to the person you questioned them over. I went through a similar situation with an ex of mine.
      You're right that having a career at 21 is near on impossible. But sometimes life and the stress of everything else starts to effect our relationships. It was the downfall of my last relationship. In my opinion as long as you were trying to make a career for yourself that should have been enough. You were putting her first over your career, some women love this some don't. Even if nothing happens between you both again I'm sure you'll find someone better who truly understands you and cares for you in the same way.

  • You vere great and stayed by her side when her dad passed away. It was the right thing to do but she doesn't owe you for any of that. I dont think you will ever get back together but things happen.. if you want a final goodbye, give her some breathing space first and try to meet up later.

    • Thank you and ino she doesn't owe me anything but to treat me like dirt and at the same time treat others like there legends is my point. If we was to sort it she would first have to remove negative thoughts which takes time. In person she's fine we have a good chat but over the phone she turns into a stubborn child. All I wanted to do was wish her well but which I did but she wouldn't say the same as she knows that that is final closure for me. I think we could defo sort it but it requires time at first and also a chance to give each other's opinion. To me her saying I don't love you just doesn't cut it as she used to say it to get my attention due to me being distant and then a few hours later she would apologise and we would be planning holidays n stuff. Your probably right but she is very un predictable

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