Why would she do this?

ok so she had me blocked on Facebook for I don't know how long and I guess she just unblocked me...anyways that's not what I'm getting at...i posted this:

"Relationships are meant to end, because when they do you'll realize how much you care or how much you never really cared about the other person, weather you can find that unexplainable feeling with another person and if not then you're certain it's meant to be, with no regrets or "what if's", you'll never gain someone...s trust w/o taking/giving chances. In the end, if it's meant to be, it will be, you cannot control who your heart is in love with or that feeling you get in their presence"

and she sent me a message through inbox(she she has yet to friend request me lol) and says...

"I'm glad you realize now that you never cared

and yes you should give people chances but there's a line to draw how many chances"

"oh yeah and realize is spelled wrong and its WHETHER you can not WEATHER you can

i love how you post things that you lived AGAINST for two years "

what does this mean, I'm not trying to over analyze here but I'm confused why all of the sudden she sends me that stuff...esp about the spelling? I'm going to be honest and tell you I am different than what she thinks...i changed during our relationship and she was too stuck in the past to notice me changing...i mean that's a long story short, I'm basically just looking as to why she'd all of the sudden say that stuff and unblock me all of the sudden (after not talking for a month)...why are girls so confusing and why does it seem like she still cares? I feel like she doesn't believe me, I know I've got to show with my actions...the only reason I posted that was because I read it somewhere and I felt it, I believed in it, its what was on my mind...ughhh what to do? what to think? how to handle this situation? any ideas (we dated for a little under 2 years) if you need more info I can try and direct you to some of my other posts or just message me if you'd like to help and need more info! thanks for advice


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  • "I'm glad you realize now that you never cared" ...she's obviously still hurt and bitter about the relationship and feels like you don't care about her.

    "there's a line to draw with how many chances"... she feels like she gave you plenty of second chances and you blew it.

    The fact that she's correcting your spelling is just her being a smartass and trying to put you down. How long have you guys been broken up? Who broke up with who?

    She probably unblocked you so she could see all of your posts and what you're doing. Girls are like that...they'll act like a bitch and pretend to be totally over you, but really they wanna see if you're already talking to other girls or if you've moved on yet.


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  • she does still care..but maybe not in the same way she use too.

    ...when you wrote that you said you were writing how you felt...maybe more like what you were thinking she was thinking?...but she took it like that you were saying the whole relationship was stuiped and wrong and a waste... I'm guessing she broke it off with you...even when people brake up with ppl...they might miss them and still wanna hold onto the past..but maybe she just learned...she loves you...but she isn't in love with you...thus the reason she got mad when you said the whole relationship was a mustake...she doesn't think it was and she prob enjoyed the time you guys had together...but she just learned it wasn't ment to be...as far as the spelling..she was prob just looking for things to show that your wrong


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