How do you move on from a breakup?

What are some methods that worked for you that helped you heal?


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  • I can't still tell you but, here 2 monts already gone and I'm still freaking out and thinking about her, it's just not that easy for sure.
    She also wants to exchange me for somebody else, and if she do that I'm planning to block her in facebook and return all the things she gave me.
    P. S we we're together for more than 4 years.

    • Oh my, that's rough.. 4 years is a long time. I was hoping I could move on within a few months and maybe I can because I haven't been with him for as long as you have with your ex.

      Blocking is good idea. Out of sight, out of mind. It's easier to heal that way.

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  • Haha I know its annoying to hear, but time teally does heal, and constantly doing things like getting a hobby, joining a club, working and setting small-large goals for yourself. I would work and save up for a new laptop or phone I really wanted, and when I was able to buy it a couple months later I felt so good and accomplished, and I was so focused on my new purchase I forgot all about my ex for a few weeks and in that time i was healing inside... it also helped when I was constanlty around friends, and making many more fun memories to outweight the old ones. It showed me I shouldn't worry about one person because there are soooo many others out there who will make me happier. Eventually I forgot all about him because I was so busy having fun.. and I eventually met someone better. :) I can say from experience that if you truly believe and you dont give up, that you will always meet someone better. I know that the relationship that im in... if it doesn't work out ( i believe it will) I will meet someone better. Just keep improving your self and know ur worth and you will meet that special person that will be 'Your One' !


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  • Go to Starbucks and talk with the first cute person you see.

  • I moved on by not caring. I know I'm much better off without her and it helped that everyone knew I was in a toxic relationship

    • That would be nice, but the truth of the matter is, I was much happier with him. I'm not better of without him like you are with your ex.

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    • I wish I was as strong as you.

      I'll definitely try my best to move on. However, heartbreak doesn't heal overnight.

      If I attempted to be delusional and deny my sorrow, I'll end up like this guy ->

    • Good luck. After you get over him you will be much stronger

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