I Have a huge crush on a guy, fantasise about him a lot, but i'm in a relationship that is not going to smoothly and considering breaking up- HELP?

So, i'm in a realtionship, my boyfriend and i met eachother, and he had a lot of issues, he was all over the place, i used a lot of time and energy on helping him.
we're been together for almost 3 months, and have known eachother for 7-8months. and if been a lot of work, we moved straight in together because i'm currently between places. my attraction for him is going away, he is a drama queen, we barely ever have sex. so there are some problems.

i met a different guy the same time as i met my boyfriend, everytime i met him he says i should be his girlfriend, and we have this amazing connection, but i don't know him too well and he doesn't know me. But i feel the strong connection as well.

i can't get him out of my head, i would never end a realtionship for another guy, but he reminded me of my old self, i feel like i've lost a lot of who i am with my boyfriend, i've spent a lot of energy helping him but not getting much back besides a place to live.

i only had a month where i was single before i met my new boyfriend, i also feel the need to work on myself and not be in a realtionship.

so the question i'm asking my self is:

has my crush shown me holes in my realtionship and it's time to move on?
are my feelings for my crush undermining my realtionship and causing me feel this way?
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  • If you do not love each other, end the relationship. Would you consider each other friends if there was no relationship? If no, leave immediately. How frequently do you and he take initiative in doing stuff together, anything regardless of sexual content or not?

    If he takes no initiatives, leave him, he does not love you back. If you do not take any initiatives, think about why and there you will find your answer.

  • Do whatever will bring peace and happiness to you and others.


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