Will ex girlfriend come back to me?

Ex girlfriend of 4 years left me. She got my name tattood on her back. She says she don't love me but won't say a final bye n if I ring her she's just cocky. In 21 she's 19 . We lived toegether she spent £60,000 of her inheritance and has left a lot of stuff her but took her clothes n tv. When she came I helped her n give her a hug n kiss n said thank you for everything n all the best she just stood there and didn't respond. due to her feeling guilty of going she ignored my family who was there for her n she was close to n they got a little upset as she didn't even say hi. She said how do u expect us to sort it if they saying snarky comments. I said there upset as your not saying hi. N stuff. So now she's just acting immature and revisiting her old friends as she didn't see them when she was with me. But treating me like crap. I said to her everyone here loves you don't feel guilty and I would hope we can sort us out. In here for you. She ignored it won't say a final bye and I've not contacted her for 4 days. Will she come back n sort us? As we have made a lot of good memories and I was there for her when her dad died and she also left a lot of stuff here including presents n stuff. N she's peed off that we spent so much. She won't cut contact she said u need a phone so We can talk so I did n begged n stuff for a few days now I'm no contact and haven't heard from her?


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  • It's hard to tell but if you've begged her to come back and she's not responding then I wouldn't hold your breath. Maybe text her and tell her your feelings one last time but say that if she doesn't respond then you have no choice but to move on and if she still doesn't respond then it's best you move on

    • I rang her 4 days ago after texting her and saying none of us cheated which is true I realise what I could of done better and should of done b that I can change that and that we always sorted things and became closer. N that my family who we lived with love her no matter what. Would love to see her again n not to feel guilty and that I would love to sort it out. And I said that I'm here for her when she needs me. That was the last text I sent.

    • Ok well it's best to leave it now then

    • Ok I'll leave it :) I do hope she comes around and wants to sort us but thank you for your advice much appreciated.

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  • Her not cutting contact seems like she can't let go of you completely, so you should cut all contact. She either gets all of you or nothing. As far as memories go, it's great you have so many and that works in your advantage if you guys are doing good together. However at this point, those memories mean less to her. She feels a certain way when she is around you and that way she feels isn't good. She chose to leave you despite all the memories and money and whatever. The best thing in my opinion would be to cut all cords in such a way that you leave a window open for her to come back, and move on. This won't ensure that she will come back, but you will get stronger, and the chance of getting her back gets bigger once you cut contact. Begging, pursuing and stuff like that doesn't work. Just live man, it's hard now i know, i've been there, but you'll get out of it. I wouldn't take any of my ex's back, even though after the initial breakups i would have given it all for just one more date with them.

    • So true. I made her a DVD n gave it to her when she got her stuff with the hope it would start nostalgic memories. But my smothering her just made her get angry. So about the money I accidentally put £7 into her account due to me loosing my job I need every penny as I was relying on her so I asked for it back n she started on about what about the £50,000 so I just left n it the last text I sent her was that my family and me don't want her to feel guilty n that we all love her n I do n want to see her again n that I have changed n realised the way I was made you feel lonely so I'm her for you if you need me and that's the last time I text her it's been 4 days now. So should I do no contact for months I don't want her to think I don't care n that gives her a reason to not bother but then again I begged n tried my hardest for 2 weeks. In person I seem to get a workable vibe but over the phone she just kept getting angry.

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    • so yh she said that she can't wait to change her sim. when she was angry that time but before she was like you need a phone so we can talk and stuff i said i got one. then she's just trying to hurt me saying she's changing her sim. so I can't just do no contact because one of the reasons she left is because she thought i didn't give a shit so it would only make her worse which it clearly has as i didn't bother for 4 days.

    • Man, seriously, you think this will help but it won't. Just cut the contact, she's treating you like fucking crap and you don't deserve that. Besides, no contact means no contact. Go at least 3 months without contact, ignore her texts. The only contact you should have with her is when she calls you. Don't be clingy, it never works

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